Thursday, July 16, 2009

Funny Birthday Moment Photo Contest!!

Salam bloggers..

Kali ni sha nak masuk Funny Birthday Moment Photo Contest yang dianjurkan

So, lets check out the Terms & Conditions :

1. Follow bettYone @ My.B.E.T.T.Y.ful.Soul.Blog - add bettYone to your blogroll. DONE

2. Post an entry about -: : Funny Birthday Moment Photo Contest : : DONE

3. Upload one (1) photo showing your most hilarious birthday moments with a creative written description of the photo. DONE

4. Place the contest button on your blog sidebar. DONE

5. Add my link: in your entry. DONE
6. Drop me a comment with the link to your contest entry. DONE

So, this is the pic that i have chosen..

Huhu..Why is it funny?

Hmm..first of all, to explain..This party was celebrated by the mummy & the daughter..
Ibu was on 20/4 & Puteri on 22/4.. Its a double birthday..
Hmm..pandainye ibu dgn ayah merancang..huhu
Also, it was our 2nd Wedding Anniversary.. A triple bundle of joy..

Please take a look at my Puteri face..

Ibu dgn Ayah dah senyum pun tp yg peliknye muka anak ibu tgk kek tu..hihi

Tgn dia tu sibuk betul nak pegang kek tu..

Well, what to expect she is just wanting to know what is that thing doing in front of her..huhu

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